Brand Studio 4 : Week 1

Week 1

In Class

  • What is your why

  • Why are you here

  • Design thinking exercise: redefine the travel experience

  • Reflections on branding

For Week 2

1: Present an existing travel brand

You will deliver a brief standup on a travel brand. Show different aspects of the brand, the brand promise, audience, the problem that the brand solves, the brand personality, and show examples of how the brand portrays itself in various media. 

You may choose from these examples, or choose your own: 

  • Clear

  • Hipmunk

  • World Nomads

  • AirBnb

  • Couchsurfing


  • Duolingo

  • AirAsia

  • ExOfficio

  • Uniqlo

2: 5 min presentation of your brand

  • Clearly state the problem your brand solves

  • Show how your idea solves the problem

  • Position statement (why you’re different, in less than 1 sentence)

  • Keywords (3 main keywords)

  • Name (5 options)

  • Mood boards (5 images for each keyword)

  • Reference brands (5 comparable identities)

  • Define your audience

3: Process Book

Create an online forum to track your progress each week. Can be Squarespace, Wordpress, or other. This will eventually be whittled down to be your portfolio book, but for now, it will be your weekly process journal. 

Each week, create a post about your progress in this class with at least 300 words and 3 images. Recommended, do the same for each of your classes.