Here are some hand-picked typeface recommendations from Adobe Typekit, by awesome Colorado designers.


SOS Media 

Gastromond – Super chunky, fun and elegant serif.

Lapture – A beautifully chiseled serif by JAF. The display bold italic is especially refined.

Trump – Condensed sans serif by Canada Type. Perfect for huge headlines.

Basic Sans – Great all-around sans serif for daily use, by Latinotype.

Ernestine – Highly legible slab serif with a funky personality. 

Quatro Slab – Robust, hinted slab serif with plenty of weights.

Good Apples

Eskapade – The blackletter weights are cool but not free.

Dapifer – The heavier stencil weights.

Sign Painter : House Slant – Classic

Robot Mono – Could be fun to play around with a monospace for some futuristic post-apocalyptic vibes

Azo Sans Uber – The chunky weights 

Nuvo – Humanist sans

Type Wolf

Ambroise – A high-contrast serif from French foundry Typofonderie (web only)

Maiola – A calligraphic serif from TypeTogether

Grad – A serif with some personality by Mark Simonson of Proxima Nova fame.

Cast Iron Design

Supria Sans – A friendly sans serif with a little personality from Hannes von Döhren

Acumin – A rational sans serif, well drawn, very extensive.

Aktiv Grotesk – Even more rational, by Dalton Maag.

Hobeaux Rococeaux – For funky display, by James Edmonson (OH no Type Co)

Fit – Just for fun, by David Jonathan Ross (DJR). 

Jeff Walters

Adobe Caslon – Perfect serif for typesetting a lot of copy and mixing the faces.

Museo Slab – Great slab for use on the web for headlines and good type mixing with a sans.

Futura PT – Sans serif. Useful for ads & marketing.