Brand Studio 4: Week 5

In Class

Speak to your audience: Presentation and classwork


For Next Week

    Prepare final presentation for project 2:

        A 5-minute presentation which includes:

  1. A Keynote presentation with your process and thinking:

    1. Audience

    2. Mood boards

    3. Sketches

    4. Iteration on your ideas

    5. App logo

    6. App pages

  2. Clickable prototype with at least 10 pages.

+ Journal
PRINT 9 Copies: 1-page 8.5” x 11” page report with images
Subject: Design Heroes
Choose a design hero and explore their impact and approach on design:
Massimo Vignelli, Charles & Ray Eames, Wolfgang Weingart, Paul Rand, Paula Scher, El Lissistsky, Johnathan Barnbrook, Saul Bass, Herb Lubalin, Erik Spiekerman, Milton Glaser, David Carson.

Book recommendation: Org Design for Design Orgs

Extra credit:

1. Create a promotional page for your app

Examples: OakPartyPlayAffirmSquareup

2. Animate your logo

There are many examples at Product Hunt