Brand Studio 4: Week 6

In Class

Branding presentations for project 2.

Post your project 2 presentation and link to prototype in Slack channel.

Project 3: Book Cover Design

Design the dust jacket for a hard cover re-issue of On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

Create a book jacket design that incorporates the front and back cover, spine, and front and back inside flaps into a unified composition.

Start this project by producing hand-drawn thumbnail sketches and layouts to determine the best possible plan. Build a mock-up of the book jacket. The finished work will be wrapped around a hardcover book for presentation and it must include: publisher logo, inside flaps with text, back side must include peak interest summary, as well as barcode.

Any standard hardcover book dimension. Color.  Mock-up with all necessary items: bar code, publisher, etc.

Final project must be completed in InDesign. You will print a full-size version of your book cover, wrap it around an existing book, and photograph it at a professional level.

Process Part 1:

  1. Clearly define the brand of On the Road.

  2. Define the audience(s) for this quality re-issue of a classic book.

  3. Create mood boards for color, tone, illustration/photo style, etc.

  4. Research all previous covers.

  5. Pencil sketch at least 25 different concepts.

  6. Refine to 3 best concepts.

  7. Create those 3 concepts in the computer.

  8. Focus on typography. Find and pair appropriate typefaces. Try at least 25 different combos. Refine all the subtleties in the type: kerning, leading, heirarchy, color tones, etc.

  9. Refine at least one concept to completion: Front & back cover, flaps, spine.

Extra opportunities:

  • Design a logo and identity for the hypothetical book publisher.

  • Design the table of contents and chapter 1.

  • Design additional Jack Kerouac covers to make a book cover series.

Chipp Kidd
Paul Sahre
Jessica Hische
Award-Winning Book Covers
Book Series Design

For Next Week

  • Research: history of On the Road (which means read it, or know it very well: anecdotes, important phrases, historical significance, symbolism, hidden meanings, etc.)

  • Mood boards: general tone, other book covers, type, color — at least 3 different boards with 8+ images per board

  • Sketches: 25 book cover sketches in pencil, half size, at least front cover

  • Read Ogilvy on Advertising pages 1–44


Refine your work from project 1 and 2 so they can become portfolio pieces.

+ Journal: Print out your new design hero 1-pager and bring 10 copies to class.