Brand Studio : Week 15

In Class

Presentation to Otto, round 1

Project 5: Citizn Company

Short Synopsis: Citizn Company builds tools to help people and businesses understand contracts. 

Problem Statement: How can we develop a recognize-able brand that appeals to each of the unique target markets listed in the below Product Overview section? 

Deliverables:  A brand guide which clearly shows how to use the clear, powerful brand for this tech company.

  • Primary logo, and if applicable, secondary logos or variations

  • Certification mark

  • Certification text

  • Colors

  • Fonts

  • Vibe

  • Usage guidelines

    • Show how your certification mark/logo looks at small sizes, in the layout of other sites

  • Web home page and/or app

  • Letterhead for long docs

Additional: Advertisements (print/web), Chrome plugin design


Product overview:

  1. Product: B2C Content
    Description: Reviews of privacy policies and contracts that businesses post online, delivered in simple, succinct formats.
    Considerations: Needs to appeal to the masses and establish trust.
    Why would someone use this? We are signing these all the time – we need a way to know what we’re signing.
    Interesting analog brands: Rocket Lawyer, Legal Zoom, Legal Shield

  2. Product: B2B Reports
    Description: More sophisticated and robust reviews of contracts that businesses use to sell stuff to other businesses.
    Considerations: Needs to appeal to business owners, CEO’s and lawyers.  Should establish credibility and authority, quality.
    Why would someone use this? Businesses are currently sending this work to law firms, who charge an hourly rate. We can do it better, faster, and WAY cheaper than law firms.
    Interesting analog brands: Shoobx, Kira Systems

  3. Product: Certification
    Description: A way of certifying certain contracts or businesses as being “fair”, “reasonable”, or “best in class”.  Think USDA Organic certification, but for contracts.
    Considerations: Needs to communicate to a business’ customers that a credible third party has reviewed the contract (even if the customer doesn’t know who we are).
    Must be able to be placed on any third party business’s website, app, or marketing materials.
    Why would someone use this? This is a marketing tool for companies – a way of telling their customers that the business cares about them and has been careful to make their contract fair.
    Interesting analog brands: iab, Fair Trade (search “certification marks” for other examples)

Due Dates

Final Presentation: 4/30/19

For Next Week

  • Final presentation

  • 5-minute Keynote which clearly takes into consideration the feedback from this week.

  • For more information contact Otto Hanson:

  • + Journal about your process with the project.