Brand Studio 4: Week 3

In Class

Presentations for project 1: Travel Brand

Project 2 Brief: Craigslist Mobile

According to the Alexa rankings, Craigslist is the 99th most popular site in the world, 15th in the United States. However, their mid-90's HTML design aesthetic is becoming less relevant, and as a result, the site is beginning to lose credibility as a place to find quality listings.

Designers have long-debated ways to give Craigslist designs makeovers. However, a makeover must improve or maintain the information architecture (IA), enhance usability, and create a flow that users are not only comfortable with, but that they fall in love with.

Recently Bloomberg has arguably reverse-engineered their aesthetic to be more essential web-style, using bright blue as a link color, a clear grid, and Helvetica-looking fonts.

Your job: Design an unofficial Craigslist iPhone app which is positioned to a specific audience. (Look at that positioning link)

Richard Saul Wurman on Design Matters

  1. Define your audience

  2. Name your app

  3. Design the app icon

  4. Write the app description for the App Store

  5. Design at least 10 screens. Here are some examples:

    1. Onboarding flow

      1. Welcome screen

      2. Any informational screens

      3. Create an account

    2. Browsing

      1. Country/city overview

      2. Category view

      3. Browse: Product list

      4. Product detail view

    3. Create a posting

      1. Upload photos

      2. Write description

      3. Review posting


  • Design and prototyping can be done in Sketch, Studio, Figma, or Adobe XD. If done in Sketch, use InVision to create your prototype.

  • Only one iPhone size is necessary. You choose. Alternately, you could choose the iPhone X and deal with the notch.

The final deliverables for this project are due Tue Feb 19 in class:

  1. A 5-minute presentation which includes:

    1. A Keynote presentation with your process and thinking:

      1. Audience

      2. Mood boards

      3. Archetype

      4. Sketches

        1. App logo

        2. App pages

      5. Iteration on your ideas

    2. Clickable prototype with at least 10 pages.

For next week

  • Moodboards

  • Audience

  • Positioning

  • Name

  • Logo sketches

    • 5 different options, then refine. Try to sketch 50 variations.

  • Sketches of 10 screens. At least two different concepts.

+ Journal (post link to Slack)