Brand Studio 4: Week 8

In Class

Peer Review: Refined versions of the cover for On the Road.

In Class Exercises:

  • 2 circles = unity, separation

  • 3 boxes = image caption headline, 3 things, 2 things

  • 25 dots = space, crowded, peace

  • 5 lines = tension, calm, clarity

  • 4 curved lines = balance, madness, joy

Heroes: Big Spaceship, Emigre, Cast Iron Design, Berger Fohr, TDA, Moxie Sozo, Crispin Porter Bogusky, Cactus Denver, Wolff Olins, Moving Brands

For next week

Refine one idea based on the feedback from class. Complete the book cover design, including the flaps, back cover and spine. Use InDesign to help streamline your workflow in the final assembly of the book cover.

Print out the book cover. Wrap your book cover around an existing book to simulate your cover being the actual cover on this reissue of On the Road. It should appear in every way to be an actual cover. This means including a publisher logo, bar code (these can be simulated in illustrator or downloaded). Photograph this book in a creative, professional manner. 


Be prepared with a 5-minute presentation which shows your progress from ideation, sketches, mood boards, iterative refinement and final design. Bring your book to class.

+ Weekly journal