Class 8: Project 3.1

In Class

Feel exercise.

Check out this nice project.

Read this book (and/or podcast): Rework

This inspiring HomePod commercial by Spike Jonze and FKA Twigs. What do you feel?

Critique round 1 designs.

Mockup demo.

Mockups are an easy way to simulate your idea, to easily explain it to a client or customer. 

Many phone mockups

Note: How Dan organizes projects: with Dan's file structure

Note: Design cheats



For Next Week

Refine designs based on feedback and inspiration.

Bring in at least 2 different, refined designs for round 2 design critique. Printed 11x17.

Create mockups in various media to show how your brand will connect with people across multiple platforms.  

Consider your tools: 

  • Brand elements: Color palette. How can color be used to maximum effect?
  • Iconography/Illustration: Is there a style of illustration or photography that can be used throughout the brand?
  • Type: Use iconic typeface(s). Note: Check out the resources page bottom right for free sample fonts which could work for this project.
  • Touchpoints:
    • Business system: business cards, letterhead, brochure, flyer, stickers, branded artifacts
    • Electronic media: website (header, footer, website illustration style), email template, screensavers
    • Environmental design: exterior/interior flags/signage, vinyl, 3-D objects, etc