Class 10: Project 4

Food Venue Branding

Brief: A popular, successful restaurant group from New York City is extending into Boulder. They specialize in various street food from around the world. Authentic, easy, accessible, exotic tastes from around the globe. Every dish is in-season and true to a specific country of origin. They use only the freshest fruits and vegetables and their menu changes often.

Solution: Recommend either a food truck or restaurant, and show how they can bring their authentic street food concept to Boulder. There are many food trucks and eating establishments in Boulder. How can this one stand out from the rest? Show how this restaurant connect with its audience with strong branding. 

Create & Design: 

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Menu
  • Exterior signage or truck exterior
  • Web home page and/or app

Details: The menu features a rotating selection of 3 salads, 3 appetizers, 3 main dishes and 3 desserts. For example, these could be one or one from Indonesia, two from Thailand, two from India, etc. 

Menu Inspiration | Concept Inspiration | Great Branding Experience Inspiration

Extra Credit: Design the inside of the restaurant, uniforms, check presenters, business cards, promotional posters, print ads, web ads, social media pages.


For Next Class, in 2 Weeks

This is an opportunity to design a restaurant that has a clear, strong brand that stands for something. The more concise and evocative, the better. It's ok to exclude certain types of people, as long as you appeal to an audience of raving fans.

Bring in a presentation that you can get extremely clear feedback on. Whether that is a combination of print and digital is up to you. Your presentation should be less than 5 mins. 

Playlist: Create a playlist of at least 10 songs that evoke the mood of this place. Is it anti-establishment (Rage Against the Machine), is it feminine and powerful (Lorde), is it hippy (Grateful Dead)… yes I realize these are very lame examples. Listen to these songs and related songs as you design.

Tone Words: Do the tone word exercise, whittling down from 75 to 3 tone words.

Mood Boards: At least one board for each tone word, plus boards for restaurants, menus, color palette and target audiences.

Naming: This article is an overly simplified version of naming, but a good start. Come up with at least 60 names, from various categories. Here's an ugly but clear breakdown of name types. Find at least 10 from each category. Whittle it down to your 3 best, then choose one.

Logo: Sketch at least 100 logos in your notebook. Try different pens, pencils, calligraphy marker, sharpie; try it big, small, microscopic; consider texture. Find 3 best and refine on the computer. 

Color: Pull at least 3 different color palettes from your mood boards. Consider using color as the main branding element.

Menu: Mock up a menu. Is it long and skinny, printed on paper, written in chalk, is it vinyl on a wall? How can it be usable, yet unique? Better yet, try the menu in a few different formats to see what works.

Any other touch points that you want to mock up, please bring those to class. We will do a design review, and then you will refine for your final presentation on 4/11.