I Killed a Rat

Dan Brooklyn’s exotic travel stories and trip reports, filled with heartwarming humanity, palpable atmosphere and sharp satire offer moments of nostalgic recognition to travelers, cause for introspection and powerfully enrapturing descriptions of his life and times to anyone appreciating fluent, interpretive and frame-defying contemporary prose.


There Are Grown Men Willing to Go to Their Doom in Ties and Suits (and I May Be One of Them)

A man trying to live a happy life in spite of the Texas heat, coming to grips with his own humanness. In There Are Grown Men Willing to Die in Ties and Suits poet Nash Cook shakes readers through the torture of bleary-eyed early mornings, alcoholism and modern life as a heavily-tattooed smoker.

The cover and interior artwork is derived from macro photographs of Nash's tattoos. Interior spreads include scans of Nash's handwriting.