Logo Designs


A lot goes into a little logo.

Branding. Story-telling. Whatever you call it. First, we look into goals of the company, we discover the audience, the competition and apply a systematic approach that has worked for us for the last 16 years, and our mentors for years before that. We dig deep, sketch and iterate until it's perfect.

Here's a sampling of some logos that we've done along the way. Each one has a long story behind it, that we can discuss over tea some day soon. 

T&Cakes Boulder Cafe & Cakery Branding Graphic Design Logo
Elegant Alchemy Logo Design SOS Media
Flagship Retail Investors SOS Media Logo Design
Konposit logo design sos media branding
Logo Design Branding SOS Media Creative Consulting
SOS Media Branding Consultancy Granola Packaging Logo Design
SOS Media Olive Retreat Logo Design Branding
Long Road Home Logo Design Branding Music SOS Media
SOS Media Graphic Design Creative Consulting Denver
SOS Media Logo Design Branding Graphic Design Boulder CO
SOS Media Logo Branding Design Boulder CO
SOS Media Branding Manic Organic Logo Design
Graphic Design, Logo Design, Branding, Art With Kids
SOS Media Branding Design Logo Colorado
SOS Media, Colorado Logo Design, Danielle Ribaudo Yoga Teacher, Branding, Web Design
Logo for 
SOS Media Logo Design for Artist Meg Harper
Logo Design, Raw Food Familjen, Boulder Branding Company
SOS Media Graphic Design Logo Branding Schubel Chiropractors
Logo Design Boulderist Graphic Design
Logo Design "Translator at Work" Graphic Design Shopify eCommerce
Graphic Design, Branding, Web Design, AROMA Conscious Leadership
"The Legacy Group" Branding, Logo Design, Graphic Design
SOS Media Logo Design Branding Creative
wordmark logotype Daneen Augello Photography SOS Media