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Employee: Tax Preparer

Job Season: Part Time Training Starting in October, Full Time hours January 15 – April 15, Part time based on need after.  

Brass Taxes is a team of creative people who love helping fellow creatives. We work independently from our homes and communicate as a team online and with client through online video. The work is very intense, and very rewarding if it’s something you’re wired to excel at. We hire smart people, and all of them report that this is the steepest learning curve they’ve experienced professionally and often that it’s the best “real job” they have ever had.

To be able to do this job well, you’ll need:

  1. Experience and competence with fast paced, detailed, computer-based work. You should touch type at 40+ wpm and be familiar with the Google suite. Will be expected to quickly learn new software systems.
  2. 3+ years of experience freelancing. The type of work is not as important as experience with the nature of how independent contractors do business, how they are paid and how they are taxed.
  3. Communication skills to put people at ease, ask questions, and interpret the answers.  Ability to interpret the US tax code and explain to clients in normal language the rules and options that apply to them in their case.
  4. Empathy to care about a person who needs our help. As you might imagine, our clients are often stressed and confused. The job of the tax preparer (you?) is to connect with them, explain what they need to understand, and clarify what they don’t need to worry about.
  5. A strong sense of personal responsibility. The sensitive nature of dealing with someone’s finances means having to consistently maintain a high level of performance and accuracy. Handling errors and issues promptly and professionally is paramount.
  6. To be cool under pressure and check your ego at the door. Sometimes you’ll be faced with anger and other emotional reactions. Part of the job is separating yourself, helping the client to process the information, and not taking it personally.
  7. Ability to self-motivate, learn and adapt quickly. Even if you have tax prep experience, you’re going need to learn, and motivate yourself to keep learning and getting better at your job.  We work as a team, but only driven independent workers will thrive here.

Every day, your job and effort matters. The impact you have on people’s lives can’t be overstated. Technically, Brass Taxes helps creatives and freelancers with their taxes, but the job is really about creating an honest, comfortable atmosphere for each person who needs to have a conversation so we can help. 

We work together, so you don’t need to know all the answers. You just need to know what questions to ask and to make sure we gather the necessary information to give the best result.

Everyone is weird about money. Each of us at Brass Taxes has gone through our own reckoning with our issues about money, and you might, too. Brass Taxes is a place where we acknowledge that and are honest about it. We treat clients the same as we would treat friends. Actually, many of them are our friends.  

Someone who does well at this job:

  • finds meaning and purpose in helping people
  • desires to understand a problem and find an answer (US tax code is confusing but usually makes sense)
  • enjoys people and talking with them

You will be responsible for: 

  • Preparing income tax returns for individuals and small businesses.
  • Explaining and reviewing financial records, such as previous tax returns, proof of income, and expense receipts to determine relevant information. 
  • Working with and interviewing clients to obtain additional information on taxable income and deductible expenses. 
  • Completing and ensure filing of accurate tax returns.


  • Some customer service or client-facing experience. There’s a performance aspect to this work.
  • Proven ability to problem-solve.
  • Experience working with people in emotional situations and staying calm.
  • It’s helpful if you have experience in tax preparation, accounting, bookkeeping functions such as invoicing, posting journal entries and account reconciliations.

ABOUT YOU (aka Skills/Competencies)

  • Clear verbal and written communication abilities
  • A people person and ability to make customers feel at ease. Taxes can be stressful!
  • Problem-solving attitude and determination to understand the puzzle that is tax preparation
  • Independent worker
  • The ability to ask for help when necessary


Brass Taxes aims to take the shame, stress, and fear out of taxes. We treat employees and customers with respect, we support employee training and we offer excellent opportunities to advance. We are looking for smart, interesting, friendly people who can work hard for tax season.


Full-time, seasonal work, 50 hours/week, including weekends. Opportunities for advancement.

This job calls on you to be your best even when you’re tired or in a bad mood. The person sitting across from you is only doing their taxes once a year, with you, right then and there.


We know applying for jobs sucks, but we need to know why this job appeals to you and you think you’d like it. It doesn’t need to be a very formal cover letter but we need to know you’re motivated enough to look into our company and it should explain why this job is a good fit for your skills and your life. We need this first step if you want us to take the time to read through your resume.  

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