from the farmer



The website needs to do a number of complex tasks. The home page must entice the customer and educate them about the farm-share program that From the Farmer offers.

customer education

Since From the Farmer offers a product that is fairly uncommon, it is important to educate the potential customers, while making the process streamlined.


print design

Our layout for Edible D.C. integrated the honest messaging that From the Farmer is known for, with a sweet yet direct call to action. 

advertising campaigns

The follow-up ad utilized a similar layout, with a different headline and photo. This reinforces brand awareness and customer retention.

ui/ux design from the farmer sos media design company boulder co

design priorities

We designed a multi-panel dashboard with a left-hand navigation. It contains many interactive cards which display editable content blocks.

custom interface

Customers require a complex interactive dashboard with which to control their weekly orders. It needed several complex features, yet be understandable at a glance.

Social Media Marketing Company Boulder CO

User Flow

A critical part of the user flow relies on an initial series of emails. Subsequent interactions are also initiated by emails. Because the product changes each week, customers are invited to interact with various emails each week to keep their deliveries optimized.

Email engagement

These emails are time-critical, and each email sequence is designed with a color-coded border color, so it can be easily deciphered among the other emails.

Green: Weekly updates and recipes
Red: On-boarding introduction email sequence
Purple: Special offers
Gray: Fine Foods (higher-end, limited product offerings)