Bitcoin & Ethereum

I don't know what this has to do with anything besides the fact that I didn't invest in Bitcoin or Etherium, both having been highly recommended to me on my travels when they were much more affordable.

The first dude that I had a lengthy chat with on the whole trip was from Denver. We knew some of the same people. What are the odds, sitting a beach only accessible by boat, in a remote village in Thailand, that you'd meet a guy from back home. I was almost disappointed. That I'd come all this way to hang with a guy from Denver. This guy is very talkative, but disarming with comments like "whoa, boss hat, bro!" He had been doing some illicit things as his side job, and had put about a few hundred dollars into BitCoin. This was when BitCoin was worth a few dollars per coin. Suddenly, BitCoin spiked, and he had about eighty grand. He cashed out of his illegitimate lifestyle and had been traveling the earth ever since — living the dream. About six months later, on the 8th floor of a hostel in downtown Tokyo, I bumped into him again, and went to a Super Mario bar, but that's another story.

About a year later, I was volunteering for a non-profit organization as a designer on a beach in northern Peru. One way we made some extra money was by renting extra beds in the beach house on AirBnB. A cool programmer dude who was working on the backend of the American Apparel website stayed for a few days. One night, we grabbed a pizza and beer, and he told me about Ethereum. At that time, Ethereum was still in it's initial stages, and the ethereum site was a glowing crystal floating in a sea of 3-D swirls. The small print was incredibly confusing, and it even said that if you don't understand it, then don't invest in Ethereum. The dude told me to invest. He said he was going to put a bunch of money into Ethereum, and he was going to dedicate a portion of his life to educating the poor people of Argentina about investing in cryptocurrencies.

I could have bought Ethereum with him for about .20 per coin. Ethereum is now around $300 per coin (Oct 2017). If I put $1000 in at that point, I'd have $1,500,000 now. Likewise, had I invested $1000 in Bitcoin at the time that beach bro told me, when it was around $20 per coin — now it's around $5000 per coin — I'd have $250,000. 

It's one of those things you can't regret, but looking back it does make me curl my toes. Sometimes the clues are sitting right in front of you. Sometimes it's the first guy you meet, or sometimes it comes over pizza and beer, but I need to be more open to possibilities of investment, and go ahead with it.