Brass Taxes

What if taxes that could be straightforward, honest, and maybe, even enjoyable? SOS Media created a brand from the ground-up, starting with the logo, messaging, photography, and a custom web experience so customers could do their taxes online and make appointments. 


Niche Marketing

This site is designed to be self-selecting. Brass Taxes focuses on a specific niche, and wants to keep it that way. We created a graphic of a three-armed referee which is immediately engaging, entertaining, and informative. The referee represents the site’s cheeky sense of humor, while reminding customers that there are rules to follow.


Client Feedback

SOS Media came in and transformed not only the way we did business, but our branding, imaging, and continues to support many aspects of our bigger vision.
— Rus Garofalo, owner, Brass Taxes

Logo Design


Color Palette


Flyer Design

Brass Taxes Flyer Promotional Poster Design
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