Class 13: Project 5.2

In Class

For Next Week

  • Final, professional quality video(s) due in class Wednesday, May 2.
  • One 30-second video and/or multiple shorter videos. 


  • Additional campaign touchpoints such as print ads, social media ads, product giveaway mockups
  • Longer, director's cut.

File Types & Usage Guide

Less-technical notes.


.AI files

These are Adobe Illustrator files. These, you probably won’t be able to open unless you have professional design software. But if you ever work with another designer or sign maker, these are the files that they will want. These files can be enlarged to any size and still retain the highest quality.


.PDF files

These are used for printing shirts, posters, small signs, or anything that might get printed.


.JPG files

These files are used on screen. The HIRES are the high resolution versions which could be used to make flyers. The WEB versions are lower resolution, to be used on the web.


.PNG files

These files are for web use and/or email signatures. Unlike JPG files, PNG files can have transparency. Your web developer will use these. Some companies print from PNG files, but better to send PDF files.

.SVG files

These are vector files that can be used by skilled web designers.


Designer files

There’s a folder called “DESIGNER FILES”. These are Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator files. They require design software to open, but they are appreciated by sign makers or other designers who you may work with in the future.


1x 3x 4x folders

These folders are labeled with the size of the logo. This is usually only necessary for JPG and PNG files. 1x are a normal, thumbnail size, and 4x is four times the size.