Class 13: Project 5.1

In Class

  • Each student presents 2 concepts.
  • Create teams.
  • Align on a plan of action. 
  • Get started.

InspirationWebby-nominated vids

For Next Week

Present rough video(s) to class for feedback.

Your video may have multiple optional aspects (different endings, different songs). That is fine, and use the class for feedback.

If filming of certain scenes isn't complete, the video(s) must use images/sketches in those specific places in the video timeline, so the pacing of the video is fluid, with music/voiceover.

Note: Be clear on the history of VW, it's advertising campaigns, so your piece is either part of that lineage, breaks the mold, or references it intelligently.

Note: Longer form ads are powerful, too. If your group thinks a longer-form video is the right solution, we can discuss it.