Grading Rubric


Each of the 5 class projects is worth 15 points.
5 points: Ideation, creative thinking
5 points: Aesthetics, compositional sophistication
5 points: Technical execution
Work is graded in your class presentation.
For late work, 1 point is removed per day.

Weekly journal is worth 10 points.
5 points: Keeping current with weekly updates
5 points: Effort, aesthetic, technical execution

Attendance is worth 15 points.
1 point for every day attended
If you need to miss a day, you must communicate ahead of time or have a verifiable extenuating circumstance.

Good Typekit Fonts

  • Acumin – Sans serif (huge family of fonts)

  • Stozl – Geometric Sans Serif

  • Basic Sans – Humanist Sans Serif

  • Omnes – Geometric Sans Serif

  • Kulturista – Slab serif

  • Chapparal

  • Rift – Cool condensed caps

  • Lapture

  • Aktiv Grotesque

  • Katarine

  • League Gothic

  • DIN

  • Proxima Nova – like Helvetica, industrial strength sans serif

  • Mrs Eaves – Serif

  • Mr Eaves – Sans

  • Dapifer – Slab serif

  • Bookmania – Fun, use sparingly

  • Franklin Gothic

  • Futura

  • Quatro

Pro Type Foundries with Free Samples

Grilli Type (Walsheim, American, Sectra)

Sharp Type (Centra, Sharp)

Commercial Type (Platform Bold)

Colophon (Aperçu, Mabry)

Klim (Pitch, Pitch Sans)

Hoefler (Knockout, Gotham, Archer *no free samples though)