Class 4: Project 2

Project Brief

CHOICE Humanitarian is a leadership development organization that works in remote villages in 7 countries worldwide (Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Kenya, and Nepal). CHOICE has over 35 years of experience ending extreme poverty, which is defined as living on less than $1.90 a day. By building strong local leadership, communities can develop their own goals, vision, and plan to work their way out of extreme poverty. 





Raise at least $3k for a literacy project in Guatemala.

Videos (30 sec) (60 sec) (3 min) 

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Fast Co

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About the Program

At you can learn all about the actual literacy program, complete a demo, and learn more about how it works. Accent is the name of the program. Hopefully that website can help provide information for the first bullet point. 

The tablets are charged using some really cool battery packs. 

Fundraising Platform

Marissa will give a brief overview of how the fundraising platform works. Students should be able to create their fundraiser without having to dig into the admin side of things. They can see how at A button to "Start a Fundraiser" is there, and is very user friendly. Examples of other campaigns are also there. 

Example Program

One campaign you might see is the CHOICE 10K, which was our end of year campaign. Despite not hitting our goal, this campaign was actually extremely successful! It was our first time trying something like that and we look forward to replicating it at the end of this year. 


Should students desire to create something more like the CHOICE 10k campaign, they will be required to use admin permissions and will need to get in touch with Marissa. Please let Marissa know if you need more information regarding campaigns! 

Marissa Bernards
Brit Meyer


    Remember: we are not just raising money or teaching literacy, we are unleashing human potential.


    As a class, we will raise $3k in 3 weeks to help the project in Guatemala. The team who raises the most, wins.

    Each team will

    • Define and name a campaign.
    • Create an identity for the campaign (tone, messaging, colors, fonts, imagery).
    • Communicate that message throughout specific channels to achieve the project goal of raising money for this project in Guatemala.


    Your team may choose to use Rallybound, a fundraising platform. You may also choose any other means, such as a sit-down dinner, a silent auction, you may stand on Pearl St… any method you choose.

    Basic Guide to Designing a Campaign

    For Next Week

    Bring to class:

    • 3 campaign ideas, loosely sketched out, named and defined. 
    • 1 campaign idea that your team is committing to.
    • Moodboard for this identity: tone, messaging, colors, fonts, imagery
    • Thoroughly sketched out strategy for communicating this message throughout specific channels to achieve the project goal of raising money for this project in Guatemala. Ex: if you choose social media, have a calendar of social media posts and platforms; if you will do a sit-down dinner, have the venue chosen, the invitations planned out (where they'll be printed, how they'll be distributed, etc)
    • Think everything through, basically.
    • Next week, your group will do a loose, 3-min presentation, and get feedback from the class.