Class 1: Project 1

Project 1: 'Zine


Part 1: Design

  • Values / Mission: why does this ‘zine exist? Must exist for something that you believe.
  • Masthead: name the ‘zine and create a customized masthead which reflects the values of the piece.
  • Imagery: may include photography, illustration, collage, art
  • Text: may include fiction, non-fiction, poetry, typographic experiments.
  • 8–12 pages: including a front cover, back cover, and 3–5 inside spreads.

For Next Class

  • 3 Covers: Create at least 3 covers with very different visual directions. Bring one or more, printed at 8.5” x 11” for in-class review.
  • 3 Thumbnails: Create at least 3 drawings of the entire layout in pencil in your journal.
  • 1 Mockup/Maquette: Create at least 1 small-scale mockup of the layout by cutting and folding paper, and using pencil to wireframe the layout.


  • Consider the fold of the paper and continuity of content from page to page.
  • Consider creative binding methods: string, folding, stapling, gluing, etc
  • Consider an impactful front page that will draw attention in a busy environment such as a cafe.
  • Typography: Create continuity by using only 2-3 different typefaces. Or anarchy by using many. But do it intentionally. 

Part 2: Distribute & Document

  • Distribute at least 20 copies of your ‘zine.
  • Capture at least 5 photos and/or video which document the distribution.
  • Give at most 5 to friends.
  • Give at least 5 to strangers.
  • Leave at least 10 copies for anyone to find.

Document the distribution with photos, videos if possible, and written commentary.
Keep notes on what you hear people say (your peers, passersby, etc). Post these to your process book. 


Part 3: Present

A 5-minute Keynote class presentation documenting your project. Submit your paper ‘zine in class.
Post a link to your journal and a PDF of your presentation to our Slack channel.


* Process Book

Create an online forum to track each project. Can be Squarespace, Wordpress, Medium, or other. 
For each project, create a post about your progress in this class with at least 300 words and 3 images. 



The presentation and process book entry are due in-class Wednesday, Feb 7 at 1:00 p.m.