Brand Studio 1: Week 5

In Class

Come to class with your project having been deeply refined, bring any questions and prepare to continue working.

For Next Week

Each group or individual will present directly to the client (Rus), who will join us in class. 

Clearly state exactly how you intend to solve either one, two or three of the stated objectives:

  1. Reinforce the existing brand
  2. Launching in LA
  3. Moving 100% online

Show high-quality mock-ups of your solutions, complete with the copywriting, photography, sub-identity design. 

Brass Taxes supports the community of artists and freelancers in making their (tax) lives suck less than necessary.

The goal of Brass Taxes is to lower the anxiety of the customers, to treat customers fairly and respectfully, and help them, like people, like friends, through the uncomfortable, confusing process of paying their taxes. 

Often, these customers don’t realize that they are eligible for certain tax write-offs, such as certain portions of Netflix subscriptions, maybe, for videographers, or art gallery admission for artists, etc… and in those circumstances, then those people will end up paying less than they would have if they did TurboTax.

However, Brass Taxes essence is more of a fiduciary, which is to say that BT looks out for the best interest for each client, as a whole person, now, and in the future. Often, looking out for someone like that doesn’t involve paying less taxes, although people often think, in the moment, that paying less taxes will is the best outcome. However, if they pay less than they should, they will incur mental stress of potentially being audited and fined for committing tax fraud, they will be less edible for loans, credit, and other downsides.

Most freelancers will have to pay taxes, since they are not employees and haven’t had any money taken out of their paychecks all year. So, most everyone has to pay. The key is explaining to them why they have to pay, how to plan better next year, and being kind to them to help them through it. The goal Brass Taxes isn’t to help you avoid paying taxes, or even to overly-minimize your tax liability. It is to help you pay accurately, and easily, having saved time and stress, and hopefully understood an  even enjoyed the process.



+ Keep your weekly journal updated with your process, both images and text. Post the link each week to Slack.


Additional & Critical

Learn the technology that will make you able to realize and communicate your ideas.

  • which you have online access to via CU – commit to doing 20-60 mins a day on that. Devour all the design books in the library, Barnes&Noble
  • Get inspired on these sites: Behance/Designspiration/Dribble/Pinterest. Better, add your projects to these sites and join the communities.
  • Getting good at this stuff requires a lot of time and effort; all I can do is urge you to follow your passion, and, if it’s design/branding/marketing/advertising, then soak up and practice everything you can in that field.