Brand Studio 1: Week 12

In Class

Presentations of Project 4: A Craig's List App.

Intro to Project 5: Your Personal Brand

For Next Week

  • Listen to this speech about building a personal brand by Stephen Gates, head of design at Citi. Do the archetype exercise he recommends. Yes, he uses slightly different archetypes than the ones we discussed. Yes, that's interesting. Use whichever archetypes you want. His reference page is here.
  • Define the archetype of your personal brand.
  • Post to Slack 5 personal brand websites that you like, and why.
  • Name (define the name, or a company name. Ex: Studio Jeffery, GB Designs, or just your name)
  • Mission statements: Create a 3-5 sentence description of your expertise
  • Singular Idea: 1 sentence based on The Alicia Formula: For [audience], [company or product] is the [frame of reference: what is it, a product or community, lifestyle, type of product, etc] that does [point of difference] because, [reason(s) to believe].
  • At least 3 Mood Boards: 1 for the vibe, 1 for colors, 1 for type.
  • 100 logo sketches. Try the name in a logotype, try different icons, try everything you can. 

Final deliverables of Project 5:

Due in-class Dec 13

A 5-minute presentation
(You may invite people to the class. So far, David Slayden and other staff will join)

  • Brand name
  • Mission Statement
  • Logo
  • Color palette
  • Fonts: Primary & secondary
  • Brand guide
  • Web site: could be a mockup, could be live
  • Business Cards
  • Promotional Item: a piece to leave behind after an interview, or send beforehand.

    Extra credit:
  • Print your brand usage guide
  • Make your website functional
  • Produce your promotional giveaway to make us remember you: stickers, notebooks, etc


A few inspiring brands for creative studios: