Brand Studio 1: Week 3

Project 2: Niche Market


We discussed Brass Taxes: A niche company in the tax market, focusing on "tax help for artists, freelancers & other nice people". 

Their audience includes: creators, performers, fine artists, Uber drivers, handymen, web developers, and more. 30% of Americans file schedule C. How can Brass Taxes expand to be the company who does 30% of those. Brass Taxes is not trying to be the next H&R Block, but rather be the star of it's niche. 

ASSIGNMENT 1: Niche Brand

Present a niche brand that is respected within it's community. Show how it either maintained or lost its insider credibility.

3 min presentation should contain:

  • The preferences, biases, needs, and problems of that niche
  • Brief company history, how the company fulfills the needs of the niche
  • Aspects of the company's identity: logo, marketing materials, essential branding themes
  • (examples: Blue Bottle Coffee, Poler, Field Notes, Micron pens, Muji, Everlane)

Note: Be sure your presentation – and all presentations – have thorough attention to typography, each slide has clear visual hierarchy, and the quantity of text per-page is digestible.

ASSIGNMENT 2: What Should Brass Taxes Do?

— Work in pairs, if you'd like.

5 min pitch should contain:

One or more idea which satisfies one or more of the below criteria. More is better. You should have reasons for why your idea will work. Mock-up your ideas. If you pitch a receipt tracker, have a mocked up version of the receipt tracker so we can see what it might be.

Hint: your solution may include an app, but shouldn't be only an app. 

How can Brass Taxes:

  1. Enhance the brand experience for it's customers.
  2. Attract new customers, specifically artists and freelancers in Los Angeles.
  3. Maintain their raving fans while altering their service (moving to 100% online).

Notes: Based on their core values, what other offerings could Brass Taxes create? It doesn't need to have a direct profit component. If we do something awesome, people will talk about it.

Examples: Receipt tracker? Traveling Airstream Seminars? Lobbying group of freelancers? Help Uber drivers form a union? Home page redesign? 

ASSIGNMENT 3: Weekly Journal

250+ words & 3+ images about your process and discovery.