Design for Artists

We love helping artists thrive. SOS Media creates promotional merchandise for artists, musicians, and creators of all types. We love book design, music packaging, and apparel. 

SOS Media graphic design logo design art direction creative consulting

JDP Anderson

Creative Mornings poster design for Denver artist Jared David Paul. The design is an homage to the classic grid-based poster designs by Swiss designer Josef Müller-Brockmann.


Dan Brooklyn

The pseudonym of a mysterious, traveling writer. Dan has traveled the world several times over, chronicling his adventures in various formats including web, print and video.


Long Road Home

The authentic bluegrass that Long Road Home plays is rich with the essential themes of roots music: imagery of travel, heartbreak and sadness; tales of love and loss. The headline track, Headed Back to Dixieland evokes a man with a ramblin' heart, searching for a place to call home. We shot photography from New Orleans in which bubbles drifted down from iron balustrades in the French Quarter. 

Headed Back to Dixieland is the first in a series of 3-song EP releases, which harken back to the time when bluegrass was released a few songs at a time. SOS Media developed an iconic logo, based on the attire of the band, who, when performing, wear black suits and ties. The intention is to keep the audience's attention focused on the music. 

Long Road Home Bluegrass Logo Design SOS MEdia
Musician Album Graphic Design Boulder CO
Long Road Home Bluegrass Album Packaging Design by SOS Media
SOS Media designed the CD packaging for Long Road Home Bluegrass Band in Boulder CO

Live from eTown Hall

A live recording of the band Long Road Home. We created CD packaging, promotional materials, and an award-winning website.

Long Road Home CD Packaging Design live at ETOWN Hall
Long Road Home Bluegrass Web Site Design by SOS Media

Nash Cook

A poet from Texas, Nash Cook writes stark, haunting poems about deeply human experiences.
Our design for his book integrates images of his tattoos and samples of his handwriting to evoke the authenticity of his prose.

sos media book design poetry layout nash cook
sos media book design poetry layout
SOS MEdia book design

!dea Café

Art Cafe | Graphic Design Logo Design

A logo and postcard design for a trendy coffee shop in Busan, South Korea.

Art Cafe Graphic Design Postcard Photography Design
Art Cafe Graphic Design Postcard