t & cakes

After decade of maple bacon cupcakes, the legacy continues.

SOS Media branding logo cupcake shop T&Cakes Boulder CO


Now under new owners, T&Cakes is refining their offering as Boulder's premier cupcake cafe. The new logo, color palette, and all accompanying collateral are all meant to reflect this new passion and attention to detail – with a hint of creative wildness!


T&Cakes is located in the heart of the Pearl walking mall, so we we updated many exterior aspects to display the goodies inside  the store to passersby.

SOS Media Exterior Signage design for T&Cakes Boulder CO
New logo design

New logo design

Sub-brand identity

Sub-brand identity

SOS Media print advertising for T&Cakes boulder CO
You guys always come up with the most creative designs – I love it!
— L. Smith, Brock Media