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Long Road Home

The authentic bluegrass that Long Road Home plays is rich with the essential themes of roots music: imagery of travel, heartbreak and sadness; tales of love and loss. 

Headed Back to Dixieland is the first in a series of 2, 3-song EP releases, which harken back to the time when Bluegrass was released a few songs at a time. Eventually, these EPs will be compiled into a full length album. 

The first step was to develop an iconic logo that would carry through all of the album covers. When the band Long Road Home performs, they wear black suits and ties. The intention is to keep the audience's attention focused on the music.

The headline track, Headed Back to Dixieland evokes a man with a ramblin' heart, searching for a place to call home. I used personal photography from New Orleans in which bubbles drifted down from iron balustrades in the French Quarter. 

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